HSS – HW Tipped - HW Knives Cutter Heads, including:
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HSS – HW Tipped - HW Knives Router Bits, including:
HW Tipped Drill Bits, including:
HW Knives, including:
HW Tipped Sawblades, including:
Grooving cutters - Bevelling - and rebating - tools - Universal profile cutterheads for longitudial, mitre and glue joints, profiles, multi-purpose profiles, panel raising profiles - Tools for manufacturing furnitures and doors - Custom made tools
Shank tools for sizing and grooving - Tools for bevelling and rebating - Multi-purpose profile router bits for glue-joint connections, interior construction profiles, universal profiles and for portable routers
Dowel drills - Through-hole drills - Hinge boring bits - Multi-purpose drills and deep hole drills - Countersinks
Knives and blank - Reversible knives - Planer knives - Finger joint knives - Profile knives - Scoring knives - Gooving and profilíng knives - Edge rounding knives

Multi-purpose sawblades - Panel sizing sawblades and scoring sawblades - Vertical panel sawblades and scoring sawblades - End-trimming and mitre sawblades

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