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Affilatura Adriatica established in 1977, designs engineers and manufactures quite a wide range of Tungsten Carbide, HSS and PCD Woodworking Tools, produced with latest technologies, tight tolerances, fine balancing and highest quality raw materials.

Each and every tools exiting by our premises is the result of over thirty years of hands on experience focused on achieving the goal each and every customers wish.

This manufacturing process is performed by state of the art CNC machines which allow accurate dimensioning, concentrity, proper cutting angles and quality of grinding brazing.

Special Carbide grades and different granulometry of PCD tips are constantly developed for our tools with co-operation of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Solid wood, MDF and other engineered wood are our daily challenge which we face with the following tools:
Cutter Heads
Knives Router Bits
Full HW Body Router Bits
Drill Bits
European ISO Standards are always respected but our mission is to achieve your trust and
your respect.
Company Profile
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